Bring About More Confidence, Clarity and Connection With The Daily Practice of Journalling (I'll show you how!)
So What Is The 30 Days To Confidence Challenge? 
We live in a fast paced world where we've more access to information than ever before....

Information that could potentially help us transform any area of our live's for the better. 

But as I'm sure you'll know information alone doesn't lead to transformation, applied information does. 

So many of us know what to do but can't seem to get ourselves to stay consistent with the actions that will give us the body, the relationships, the work and the life that we want. 

We sign up to a diet plan but find ourselves reaching for the biscuits just a few days in....

We psyche ourselves up to ask someone out but then shy away and retract....

We settle for jobs that we aren't truely passionate about...

I remember when I started in the fitness industry eight years ago getting advise from mentors on coaches on what to do.....

I'd get psyched up, get a game plan in place but then become crippled by fear of putting myself out there, doing things differently and going after what I actually wanted. 

I read enough books and studied enough courses to grow 10,000 businesses and keep me going a lifetime, but application was something very different. 

For years, FEAR and a lack of confidence kept me stuck....

You hear people talk about fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection....

Whatever the cause or form of fear it largely comes down to a  lack of confidence....

Which results in a lack of action....

Which becomes a vicious circle. 

I'm not a coach who's going to paint an illusion of always feeling confident and clear on my next move....

I've come up against self doubt, fear and limiting stories again and again (and will no doubt continue to do so).

But I've re-framed it and given it a different perspective.  

You see, I now realise that self doubt, fears and stories that we get caught up in are all actually there to guide us toward our next level of growth. 

Nothing grows in the comfort zone, but that's where the magic is....And to get something we don't currently have whether it's a transformed body, increased connection with our loved ones or more passion, profits and purpose from our work we've got to step outside of what we currently know. 

Over the last number of years investing tens of thousands in my own personal development I've learnt and applied some incredible tools for gaining the confidence and clarity to move forward and make true change. 

These tools have allowed me to grow a successful business whilst travelling to over 30 countries and having countless adventures. 

They've allowed me to take on physical challenge including a 24 hour mud run that I'd previously have thought impossible. 

They've allowed me to overcome a fear of public speaking and share the stage with my hero's in front of rooms of 1000 people. 

These exercises changed every area of my life. 

Now I've put many of those tools into this one step by step course that'll guide you in a simple system over 30 days to give you a greater sense of clarity, confidence and connection with yourself. 

Over the 30 day's we'll look at- 

✓Identifying where you are and where you want to go in your health, relationships and career. 
✓Tackling fears, limiting beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck. 
✓Pealing back the masks you wear to fit in, that ultimately diminish your confidence. 
✓Getting clear on your perfect day and your happiest moments.
✓Identify why you're scared and how you can move forward.

And so much more. 

Each day for the 30 days you'll receive a worksheet and accompanying video with an exercise for you to complete. Each exercise will take around 20 minutes and will open your eyes to new possibility and perspective. 

By the end of the 30 days you'll be armed with tools that you can practice for the rest of your life to bring about increased confidence, clarity and connection with yourself. 

If you want a great relationship with anyone in this world you need 3 things-
1. Time with the person...
2. Being present in that time together...
3. Getting to know the person on a deeper level...

So what about having a great relationship with yourself?

Do you take time for yourself, without distraction and take the space to get to know yourself on a deeper level?

The '30 Days to Confidence Challenge' requires work but I can't emphasise enough the rewards and results you will see from doing the work. 

I look forward to seeing you go through the exercises over the next 30 days and can't wait to hear about the impact it has on all areas of your life!
Here's what we'll cover-
  •  Day 1: Suspending Disbelief
  • Day 2: Draw Your Story
  • Day 3: Health
  •  Day 4: Core Values
  •  Day 5: Future Pacing
  •  Day 6: Sentence Stemming
  •  Day 7: Let It Go
  •  Day 8: Double Your Income
  •  Day 9: Identity
  •  Day 10: Three Happiest Days
  •  Day 11: Relationships
  • Day 12: Upper Limits
  •  Day 13: Draw Your Life
  •  Day 14:  Twelve Months to Live
  •  Day 15: Perfect Day
  •  Day 16: Free writing 
  •  Day 17: Career
  •  Day 18: Your Bullshit Stories
  •  Day 19: Letter To A Loved One
  •  Day 20: The Meaning Of Life
  •  Day 21: Expectations
  •  Day 22: Write A Poem 
  •  Day 23: 90 Year Old Bio
  •  Day 24: Adventure
  •  Day 25: Masks
  •  Day 26: Contribution
  •  Day 27: Fear
  •  Day 28: Your Greatest Gift 
  •  Day 29: Owning Your Negative Traits
  •  Day 30: Letter To Your 10 Year Old Self - 2017 All Rights Reserved